Sodiak Horsetrucks

Luxurious Horse Trucks
More leads than they could handle

Sodiak Horsetrucks have been creating custom made luxury horse trucks for more than a decade. They’re well known in home country but wanted to attract people in other markets and increase brand awareness. Here’s how we helped them.

Since the product we’re advertising is a high ticket item, we had to get a good picture of the value it brings to their clients and it’s features. On strategy calls, we decided on what Sodiak’s target audience were looking for online and what their interests were.


  • Generate leads
  • Create Brand awareness in new market


The existing website wasn’t optimized for paid traffic. No clear information on what makes the product unique or information that our target audience would be looking for. We decided to design and develop a landing page for this campaign specifically.

We received lots of audience information from our strategy call and went to work setting up the campaigns. Segmenting audiences and producing creative based on what audience we were targeting. We expected this to be quite a hard project but the results were stunning. 70 Leads in the first month alone with a CPL of €9.46 ($11.29). Not only did we create massive brand awareness, we overdelivered massively on our lead generation goals. This resulted in one very happy client!

 If you have any new products you’d like to launch or grow sales of your existing store – drop us a line and we’ll see if we’d be a good fit to work together.