Shopping 4 Camping

Doubling ROAS
Website optimization

Shopping4camping sells various camping product and accessories and have been doing so since 2009. They’ve had a steady stream of revenue from google shopping ads but after taking a look into the account, it was clear that a couple things could be improved.

The Problem

  • Negative keywords weren’t updated frequently
  • No tests with smart shopping campaigns which can be very succesful
  • No segmentation in audiences
  • Feed issues


  • Increase ROAS
  • Increase efficiency of campaigns
  • Test smart shopping
  • Optimize feed
  • Implement a workflow
  • Scale


The existing website wasn’t ideal to work with. The owner was working to update the website but this would take some time since they were updating to Magento 2. We jumped in to consult them on conversion rate optimization and help them design the website in multiple areas.

We implemented smart shopping campaigns which can be quite tricky to analyze and scale but they immediately generated a good return. We also had lots of data to work with and the absence of negative keywords was made clear when checking the search term reports. Aside from adding negatives, we also made frequent updates to keywords bids to gradually increase our positioning but not overbid on unprofitable keywords.

Shopping4 recently partnered with Channable to help optimize the product feeds and make our lives easier at the same time. Compared to their previous partner agency, we increased revenue by 35% and lowered (ads) costs by almost 25%! (same period and taking into account seasonal products)

 If you have any new products you’d like to launch or grow sales of your existing store – drop us a line and we’ll see if we’d be a good fit to work together.