High end car detailing products
Starting FB Ads from scratch

DetailXPerts is a webshop that offers all kinds of car products and detailing services. The high quality products make it possible to give your car a thorough wash that standard car washes and other products you can buy in stores aren’t capable of.

Sebastien came to us asking if we could improve their site, make adjustments and also wanted to try out Facebook ads since they no idea how to get started. He wanted to grow online sales for his woocommerce store. The problem: a completely new Facebook ads account with a brand new Pixel without ANY data at all. Selling a product with virtually no historical data is a huge challenge. However, we saw opportunities so jumped into action.


  • Test if Facebook ads work for this ecommerce shop
  • Win new customers
  • Develop and use facebook ads as a continuous channel


From the first campaign, Facebook proved to be an ideal tool to increase the customer base through advertising and as a new sales channel. €1.500 ($1.8k) in ad budget generated a return of almost €15.000 ($18k). And this was only the beginning.

How did we handle a brand new account with 0 pixel data?

Since we had no data to work with, we started with the basics. We spoke with Sebastien to get an idea of the unique products, USP’s, product features, … and came up with the following:

  1. Easy to use
  2. High (Italian) quality
  3. Their products make washing your car a fun and easy task

We also looked at the margins and take into account cost of goods sold so that we had an idea of what ROAS to aim for.

After setting up our value propositions and margin metrics, we began developing our campaign strategy to see if Facebook ads could deliver a positive ROI for DetailXPerts.To see which hooks and which creatives would resonate with potential buyers, we systematically tested both in different campaigns.

Where do we go from here?

The above speaks for itself and it is clear that there are great opportunities for DetailXPerts with Aacebook advertising. By scaling horizontally and vertically, constantly developing new creative and testing new audiences, we’re aiming for a multiple 6-figure revenue on this channel in the following year.

This will give you a brief overview of our approach to start with Facebook ads and to launch or increase sales on this channel. Growing sales with a new Pixel without any data is not easy, but our strategy once again proves it’s worth. If you have any new products you’d like to launch or grow sales of your existing store – drop us a line and we’ll see if we’d be a good fit to work together.